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June 2001

Rachel in the Doe River Gorge

This is the man I consider to be most responsible for steam running in the Doe River Gorge again. Ken Riddle knows the right people, knows steam engines in and out, and can plain get things done. A lot of hard work by Ken, Doe River Gorge Ministries staff, and volunteer labor has led to "Rachel" pulling excursion cars up to Pardee Point. "Rachel", an ex-Opryland, oil-burning three-footer, came to the gorge late in 2000. With a lot of track work, new ties, and ROW clearing, the small motor cars we rode on last year have given way to a full blown steam engine. If someone had told me a few years ago that steam would once again be running in the gorge, I would have told them they were crazy. More photos follow.

I can't wait to see how Ken is going to get Number 12 back in the gorge again. If anybody can do it, he can.


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