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June 1998


This is a survey marker on the property next door to the house in the previous photo in Montezuma. These markers were installed in the 1930s and each one is marked on USGS maps by its number, in this case "K61", dated 1934, and the on the USGS map it shows the elevation of 3837 feet above sea level. A look at the USGS maps will reveal a multitude of these things, with many of them along or very near the ET&WNC right-of-way. There is one at the remaining abutment of the covered bridge at Hampton. In this photo, up is north and the lines on the plaque line up due east and west. Kind of amazing these markers have survived, I guess the threat of a $250 fine or imprisonment really works. Of course, $250 in 1934 was a lot more money than it is now.


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