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June 1998

Rainbow Camp in Foscoe

This little stacked stone dam is in Foscoe at the Rainbow Camp right beside the main highway. I just thought it was interesting because of its stone construction. There's a small lake behind it. When I started walking across it, I noticed that the hand rails were...rails....whole sections of steel rails with the bolt holes in the ends and the manufacturers name on them too. They looked to me to be about 40-50 lb. rail (but what do I know). I do know that it was fairly small rail but not tiny. And guess what. The Linville River Ry. right-of-way ran right in front of this site. I believe from studying aerial photos from 1940 that there was a washout on the railroad at this spot. I'd like to know some history of this particular structure. Ever wonder where the pieces of rail came from? You don't suppose....?


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