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June 1996

Church in Crabtree

We've all heard "Go down Hwy 19E till you get to Crab Tree and when you see an old church, turn there and you'll be on the old right-of-way". Well, this is the old church, and Old Railroad Grade Road. We're looking kind of east here. I caught this on an early Monday morning, the fellow out in the field was dusting his tomato plants, and the lighting was wonderful. I don't know if the church is still used or not. One of my other photos shows the front door with the name on it. I continued on down the old right-of-way and ran up on half a dozen deer down closer to the gorge area. Chased a few through Big Nance Cut, the largest cut on this section of the right-of-way. A drive through here in the early morning (or any time) is a real treat.


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