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June 1996

Buffalo Creek Bridge

I'm standing in the middle of Buffalo Creek, and not even getting my shoes wet. I knew the daily run to Elizabethton would be along about 11:00 Monday morning, so I was there at 10:00 and killed some time waiting for the train. Then when it finally came, I unfortunately got what I thought were just some mediocre photos. It's headed left to Elizabethton with about 8 cars this day. I didn't get my feet wet, but I got the worst case of chiggers I've ever had while walking in the tall grass around the bridge. Then I had to suffer through an 8 hour drive back to Memphis. It was not pleasant. This bridge is easily accessed, I found out, at the baseball field where the expressway from Johnson City turns into a 4 lane highway on the outskirts of Elizabethton. I guess a train will never travel here again with the tracks being pulled up.


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