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June 1993

Blevins Bridge

Looking under the Blevins bridge you can see some of the understructure, including the eye bars spanning the distance between each of the floor beams. This small bridge started life on a standard gauge railroad and was put to use on the ET&WNC after the 1901 flood washed out the wooden bridges in the Doe River Gorge. The stacked stone abutment on the east end of the bridge is not easy to get to, and I think the one on this side of the river is built of cut stone or concrete. You can tell this bridge was not made for this space in that it is much longer than the span requires. I would like to have seen these spots in the Gorge when the original wooden bridges were there. Supposedly they were all wooden covered bridges similar to the one over the Little Doe River at Hampton. Would have been very picturesque.

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