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June 1993

Steel Deck Bridge in the Doe River Gorge

Continued from the previous photo...

The dog wouldn't cross the bridge, so the guy put down his cooler, quickly walked back across the bridge, picked up the dog, and just as quickly walked back across the bridge with the dog in his arms. Boy, there were some raised eyebrows on our side of the bridge. I still haven't crossed the bridge yet. You can go down to the river and walk it around a bend to the other bridge and not have to cross either one of them. To get from this point to the other bridge (about 500 feet away) you'd have to walk back 3 miles through the Gorge, then drive about 7 miles to just past the Blevins bridge, then hike about a mile to get to the bridge that's on the other side of this tunnel. Kinda makes walking the bridge sound easy, huh?

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