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June 1989

ET&WNC Number 210 Ready for Scrap at Elizabethton

Funny story here. A caravan of several vans and several cars full of ET fans, packing cameras and camcorders, on a Sunday tour of the right-of-way pulled up to the defunct ET&WNC #210 Alco. It was sitting in the open but in an out of the way place on the outskirts of Elizabethton awaiting scrapping or a buyer. Railfans jumped out of cars and vans and started taking pictures and climbing on the engine. Right after I took this picture, a young man and two young ladies emerged from the slightly open doors of the short hood. It kind of looks like the silhouette of a person inside the short hood doors. I imagine it looked to them like a movie company coming in to make a film. They looked rather sheepish and slightly "disheveled" as clothes were straightened and they quickly left. Never did know exactly what they were doing in there, but there sure was a lot of speculation in the vehicles when we left!

As a side note, I think I must have the largest collection of photos of John Barden known to exist.

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